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PERMACULTURE is more than just a list of plants...  It's also my hope that this website can serve as a gateway for you to learn (and spread knowledge) about PERMACULTURE.  What is it?  Take a look!

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Have questions?  Find answers.  I've attempted to collect a number of useful FAQs, tips, and tools of the trade, for you to apply to your own situations.  I might not have every answer, but this is a good place to start!

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Whether creating a special space in your back yard, planning for a future commercial project, or starting a local food forest, the landscape design is the place to begin.   

If it grows in the ground, and you can eat it...  You'll find it here.   This website will serve as an informational database for all things edible.

*Note:  Use of the term "edible" implies plants are able to be consumed in some form, as a source of food, nutrients, or medicine.  Although some definitions of the word edible can refer to palatability or levels of toxicity, I find that there is too much left up to interpretation in the available information out there.   So...  until I'm able to add information on each plant's reported "Taste", and/or reports of "Toxins to be removed before consumption", PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN USING THIS SITE to identify plants you may be interested in trying.  Always verify and cross-reference plants listed here, with other available resources.